KB acticles used to troubleshoot telephone connectivity issues

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Enable Headset on Jabber

If you are having issues hearing audio or communicating through you headset through jabber. You will have to enable your headset on jabber desktop application. Follow these instructions to do so.

Finesse Agent Traning

How to's for Finesse Agent Software

How To Retrieve Voicemail

This KB shows you 5 different ways to retrieve your Unity Voicemail

Long Distance Calls using Cisco Jabber

This article will show you how to make a long distance call using Cisco Jabber.

Reset UNITY Voicemail PIN

This article will show you how to reset you voicemail PIN.

User Tutorials for Cisco Handset, Self-Care Portal and Jabber

Use these helpful tutorials to learn how to operate the Cisco handset and software

Voice Mail frequently asked questions

How to access/manage your voice mail and reset voice mail PIN