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Add a shared mailbox or calendar to your outlook
Beginner's guide to creating emails that are accessible for everyone.
You attempt to send an e-mail with a large attachment, or someone outside the university attempts to send you an e-mail with a large attachment, and the message is rejected due to size.
Instructions on how to join or leave a distribution group.
You received a notice that an e-mail file attachment is prohibited and you need to be able to send or receive the file.
This is a guideline to switch authentication methods to your email account as Basic Authentication will no longer be supported by Microsoft after October 2022.
This replaces the legacy Basic Authentication. Modern Authentication is a more secure and versatile mechanism for logging into Office 365.
User needs to change their mail configuration in the native iPhone mail app after being migrated to Exchange Online.
Adding additional mailboxes on Mac
Email Send Limits
Recent migration of mail processing to Office 365 has resulted in changes to how spam and bulk messages are classified.
After setting up Office 365 on a new computer and not able to see the shared calendar In Outlook client. The Microsoft 365 feature must be selected in order or the calendar to appear
The following steps will add a shared mailbox that a user already has permissions to. It will add the shared mailbox folder under the user personal mailbox.
A message flagged to be a secure message (using ++ in the subject line) is received by the recipient as a normal message instead of a "protected envelope".
•Permissions were granted but couldn’t see the folder, need to add the folder to your Outlook