Recently Modified Articles

This article demonstrates how a course admin can withdraw a learner from a course
Demonstrates to Course Admins how to enroll Learners into a required course.
How to install and enroll in Intune with Company Portal
How to connect your mobile device to global protect (vpn)
The different Linux versions supported and the type of support for those versions are listed.
Email Send Limits
Recent migration of mail processing to Office 365 has resulted in changes to how spam and bulk messages are classified.
After setting up Office 365 on a new computer and not able to see the shared calendar In Outlook client. The Microsoft 365 feature must be selected in order or the calendar to appear
How to install Axium and MiPACS on Windows 10
Starting November 1, 2021, the following versions of Outlook for Windows for 2013 and 2016 will not be able to connect with Office365 and Microsoft 365 services
If you are having issues hearing audio or communicating through you headset through jabber. You will have to enable your headset on jabber desktop application. Follow these instructions to do so.
How to remove known wifi networks from Macintosh computers
How to remove stored networks from a mobile device
How to remove known WiFi networks from computer
This article details how users can determine if their Mac computer is capable of connecting to the 5GHz Wi-Fi network.
Install PaperCut software with Printer drivers
Print from your desktop with this easy application.
This article will demonstrate the steps to view past due learning assignments for your direct reports.
Demonstrates to Learners enrolled in Epic courses how to successfully launch Epic-related web-based training (WBT) and blended training (BLT).
Demonstrates how to assign courses to a direct report.
These instructions will allow you to retrieve and print your W-2 through the Health Science Center portal, rather than waiting for it to be delivered by the US mail. As well as some common questions about the electronic form of your W-2.
Demonstrates how to print/download course pending completion reports (in-progress and past due) in a PDF or Excel format.