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User needs to change the name, title, phone number, and/or office location listed in the directory and Global Address Book.
This is a guideline to switch authentication methods to your email account as Basic Authentication will no longer be supported by Microsoft after October 2022.
This replaces the legacy Basic Authentication. Modern Authentication is a more secure and versatile mechanism for logging into Office 365.
Steps to assign people to Organizational Units in order to complete assessments. The steps include how to assign someone as Organization Unit Head.
This document will walk you through the steps to find and remove duplicate host entries in the inventory for the departments
This article demonstrates how to navigate back to UT Health Learns after you have selected a link inside of a course.
This article provides answer to Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Tips if you encounter technical difficulties with UT Health Learns.
Demonstrates how Learners should log into UT Health Learns successfully.
Explains what the WBT, ILT, and BLT means after each course name
Demonstrates to Learners how to enroll in an offering and complete learning activities for web-based trainings (WBT) courses.
Qualtrics- Surveys tool to create, maintain and analyze data from surveys.
Directions on how to backup Outlook data to an OLM (PST) file that can then later be imported to restore emails and data.
This article will show you step-by-step instructions on how to add a shared mailbox in Outlook.
How to log into the Identity Governance (IGA) server
Instructions for an IGA reviewer.