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Demonstrates how Learners should log into UT Health Learns successfully.
Explains what the WBT, ILT, and BLT means after each course name
Demonstrates to Learners how to enroll in an offering and complete learning activities for web-based trainings (WBT) courses.
This article demonstrates how a course admin can withdraw a learner from a course
Demonstrates to Course Admins how to enroll Learners into a required course.
This article will demonstrate the steps to view past due learning assignments for your direct reports.
Demonstrates to Learners enrolled in Epic courses how to successfully launch Epic-related web-based training (WBT) and blended training (BLT).
Demonstrates how to assign courses to a direct report.
Demonstrates how to print/download course pending completion reports (in-progress and past due) in a PDF or Excel format.
Demonstrates how to print/download course completion reports in a PDF or Excel format.
Demonstrates how Reporter Admins can print/download a Learner's transcript in a PDF format.
Demonstrates how instructors can print/download a course offering class roster.
Demonstrates how individuals can request Reporter Admin access in UT Health Learns.
Demonstrates how to reconcile attendance and scores for ILT/BLT Course Offerings Class Activities
Demonstrates how Course Admins can create a new ILT/BLT Course Offerings using an existing course offering in their course.