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Unity Voicemail FAQ’s


Why are we changing voicemail systems?

The new Cisco Unity system allows for expanded voicemail features with upgraded technology. It also enables integration with Office 365 online email and helps maintain support for phone system software. This change will allow access and management of voicemail through multiple methods and devices.


Who is migrating from the existing voicemail system to the new Unity system?

All phone numbers with an existing university voicemail mailbox.


How do I get to my voicemail?

Refer to the “How to Retrieve Voicemail” document that details different ways you can retrieve your voicemail. With our new Unity system, there are six ways to get to your voicemail.


How long does my new PIN have to be when I reset it?

Your new PIN must be a minimum of 4 non-sequential numbers. Temporary passcode will always be 11223344


How long will I be able to save my voice messages once in the new system?

The messages will be automatically deleted 60 days from the day it is recorded.


Why do I no longer see “audio to text” translation for my voice messages in Outlook?

Audio to text translation and .wav files are not provided in the new Cisco Unity system.


What happened to the “Missed Call” notification?

The “Missed Call” notification feature is not available in the current configuration of Unity.


What if I get locked out of setting up my voicemail?

If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times, the system will lock your account for 30 minutes. Wait 30 minutes for your account to be reset, then try your PIN again. If you still are unable to open your voicemail, call the IMS Service Desk at 210-567-7777, option 1.


Do I need to unplug my phone after the voicemail system change?

No. You should not have to unplug or make any changes to your phone. The system will reset your desk phone as part of the migration.


Do I need to install anything or accept any updates on my computer for Jabber to work with my voicemail?

A small number of voicemail and Jabber users will be prompted to accept updates to their Cisco Jabber application. If you do not see the voicemail’s in Jabber once enabled, sign out and back in.


What if my Message Playback is too slow or too fast?

You may need to adjust your Message Playback Speed.

  1. Login to Web Inbox https://unitypub.uthscsa.edu/inbox/
  2. Use your network login and password. This will take you to your Web Inbox.
  3. Select the Settings option in the top menu. This will take you to your Messaging Assistant screen.
  4. Select Preferences, then Message Playback.
  5. Under Playback Settings be sure Message Speed is set to Normal.


Can I be a delegate to check someone else’s voicemail mailbox, i.e. supervisor or shared group mailbox?

Yes. Your current configuration and voicemail setup will not change after the migration. If you need to request a change, please submit a service request.


Is this new Cisco Unity voicemail system part of Cisco Jabber?

 Cisco Unity voicemail system is integrated with the Jabber application.


Can I receive voice messages to my single voice mailbox if I use different phone numbers (multiple phones)?

Yes. You must submit a service request asking for the specific numbers to be associated with your user name.


Can I use any web browser to access my voicemail?

Yes. You should be able to use any browser; however, Microsoft Edge will sometimes display an error. Try another browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox to resolve the problem.


Where can I go to learn more about using my voicemail?

Additional details can be found in the FAQ document located on the IMS website, ims.uthscsa.edu, and in Team Dynamix as a Knowledge Base article.


Who do I call if I have trouble accessing my voicemail?

You can call the IMS Service Desk for assistance at 210-567-7777, choose option 1.



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