UT Health Learns: Learners - Logging In

1. Visit http://www.uthscsa.edu, and select Quick Links.

UT Health San Antonio homepage with the Quicklinks box selected


2. In the Quicklinks menu, select "UT Health Learns."

Quicklinks menu expanded with UT Health Learns selected


3. When you see the UT Health San Antonio Login page, enter your network username and password, and then select "Login."

UTHSA Network Login Page with Username and Password Box completed and selected with an arrow pointing to the Login Button

4. Upon a successful log in attempt, you will see the talent suite homepage. Now, select the "Me" tab below your name, and then select the "UT Health Learns" button. 


5. At this point, you will see your Learning Dashboard. Feel free to explore UT Health Learns.




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