How To Retrieve Voicemail

How to Retrieve Voicemail


  1. Retrieving your voice mail from your Cisco Phone
    1. Press the “Messages” button or dial 0-0010, enter your ID (5 digit extension) #, then PIN #, and follow the voice prompts.
    2. To change your PIN click on:
      1. Temporary passcode will be 11223344
      2. Click on Passwords
      3. Click on Change PIN
      4. Type in the new PIN in both “New PIN” and “Confirm New PIN”
      5. Click SAVE

*NOTE: PINs EXPIRE AFTER 180 DAYS. You will receive a message when you dial in stating the PIN will expire, at that time please create a new one*


  1. Retrieving your voice mail from an external phone number
    1. Dial 210-450-0010
    2. Press * once you hear the recording begin
    3. When prompted to enter your ID, dial your 5 digit extension
    4. When prompted enter your PIN
    5. Follow prompts to listen, save or delete your voice messages


  2. Retrieving your voice mail from your Outlook Inbox
    1. When a voice message is received an email with a link to the portal (example below)
      1. From: Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System
      2. Sent: The day, date and time message was recorded
      3. To: the mailbox the messages was sent to
      4. Subject: Who the message was from
      5. A link to log into Unity


  1. Retrieving your voice mail from your Mobile Device
    1. Download the Cisco Jabber App on your iPhone or Droid
    2. You may IM, Call and retrieve voice mail from Mobile Cisco Jabber
    3. You will need to submit a request to be enabled for this feature, there is no cost for set up or monthly fee.




  1. Retrieving voicemail from the Voicemail Login (you must be on the UT Health Network locally or VPN)


    1. Go to voicemail login
      1. Enter your network username and password

    2. Two options on how to retrieve your voicemail after logging in (bottom right hand corner:


      1. Computer:
        1. Select the Computer button (bottom right)
        2. Select the message you want to listen to
        3. Push the play button (far right side of message)
        4. You can delete the message by pushing the delete button



  1. Phone:
    1. Select the Phone button
    2. Enter your desk phone number in the box (5 digit internal extension)
    3. Click play on the message you want to listen to
      1. By doing so your phone extension will ring showing 00010 calling
      2. When you answer the call, the message will play
    4. You may delete the button by pressing DELETE


  1. Retrieving voicemail from Cisco Jabber
    1. Click on the Voicemail icon and press the PLAY button



  1. To delete the message, RIGHT click and choose DELETE



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