AP Style is the official style source for the UT Health San Antonio, unless noted as an exception in this guide.

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Ch 4 Summary

Chapter 4 Summary

4.1 Headlines

The first word of a headline should be capitalized, but the other words are not capitalized unless those words are proper nouns.

4.2 Captions and image credits

Any images that come from a non-university source must be properly credited online using the guidelines outlined by the photo source...

4.3 Numbering

Guidelines for Phone numbers and other numerals.

4.4 Bullets and lists

Examples and pointers for creating lists.

4.5 Long quotes and excerpts

Rule for quotes of more than two sentences or excerpts from a book, study or periodical

4.6 Mission message

“We make lives better”

4.7 Linking

Linking is concise and offers a powerful way to enhance the reader’s experience.

4.8 Vanity URLs

Web addresses that are used for marketing purposes to direct readers to a specific web page.

4.9 University-specific style points

Styles specific to the UT Health San Antonio brand.