4.1 Headlines

4.1 Headlines

In web content and on digital projects, use sentence style, meaning that the first word of a headline should be capitalized, but the other words are not capitalized unless those words are proper nouns.
In general: 
Copy headlines or link text = This is sentence case. 
Label or button = This is sentence case. 
Right-hand side menu links = link text = This is sentence case, unless it is a proper name that would normally be capitalized, such as Faculty Development Program. 
Numbers in headlines must always be in numerical form because web writing calls for concise headlines that maximize character counts. (In body copy, spell out numbers zero through nine.) 
The percent symbol, not the spelled-out word should be used in headlines, for the same reason numbers are used in numerical form. Ampersands are accepted for use in place of the word “and” in some cases. 

A visual guide:

Visual guide for heading and button text

Visual guide for headline and link text


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