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Support for AxiUm accounts including passwords, access, add/change user profiles.

Add Storage to UT Health Email Account

Request additional storage for UT Health exchange email account (250MB)


Backup and Restore

Systems Operations and Administration offers Offsite Data Storage, Server Data Backups, and a restore service for customers having a Server Management Agreement or Leased Mass Storage.

Branding & Logo Usage

Review and approve requests for the UT Health San Antonio logo usage and placement, and the usage of the university name, to ensure brand compliance.

Build a UT Health Website or App

Start the process of planning a new UT Health San Antonio website or configuring a web app. If your unsure where to begin, start here.



Computer Quotes and Recommendations

Request quotes for Dell computers.

Computer Screen Lock Exemption Request

Request for a Computer Screen Lock exemption for a University-owned computer if computer screen lock needs to be different from the 15-minute standard

Conference Calling Accounts (Toll / Toll Free)

Personal conference calling services are now available upon request to host conference calls for business use only.

Create New Project Request

The Project Request service is used to initiate a new IT service, process, and/or product.

Customize Active Directory photo

Change photo displayed in Outlook, Jabber, and Office 365.


Database Administration (DBA) Services

Provide performance monitoring, backup & recovery and refreshment of an Oracle environment. Also provides support for application upgrades utilizing Oracle databases.

Dell Data Protection Encryption (DDPE) Exemption Request

Request for a DDPE exemption for a University-owned computer

Department Managed Storage

Design Services

Create and design print and web marketing materials for a variety of audiences including faculty, staff, prospective/current students and external audiences.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates allow the user to substitute a handwritten signature. Digitally signing PDF files is the preferred format for distribution of certain documents at UT Health San Antonio.

Display Services

Features: Displays, Banners, Signs, and Posters - We can design or use your art for whatever it is that you need. If you can imagine it we can most likely do it. Here are just some of the services we provide: foam core and board mounting, laminating, indoor and outdoor banners, retractable and free standing banners, signage, table runners, posters and poster tubes. It can all be found at this one stop service. For more information and pricing call 210-567-2315 or email to request Display Services. Our Display Team has produced award winning cutting edge designs for our customers.

Duo Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Enrollment

Duo is the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution used to authenticate into the UT Health SA Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Editing Support

Request for editorial review of materials intended for university-wide dissemination and public-facing audiences.

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device


Support for keyboard, mouse, monitor, document scanner, printer, signature pad, tablet and other peripherals.

Event Promotion

Request to promote internal and external events such as conferences, seminars, community events, health runs/walks, etc.

External Communications

Request to support communications efforts geared toward the community, alumni, patients, donors, and other friends of the university.


Federated Identity Management and Single Sign On (SSO)

Request for Shibboleth, ADFS, or LDAP single sign-on (SSO) integration for a new application. There is an annual fee of $100.

File Share Access

Request to add or modify group memberships to existing LMS Contracts, IMS managed departmental file servers and web servers.

Fix a UT Health Website

Is something not working as expected on your existing UT Health San Antonio website? Please submit a ticket so our developers can look into the issue.


Hosted Applications and/or Database

This service is for small applications that can run on a shared Windows server and for requests for MS SQL or MySQL database hosting.



Support for x-rays. Includes MiPACS, Dolphin, InVivo, Sensors, Scan-X, Pano, CBT.

Improve or Enhance a UT Health Website

Request / suggest the addition of new functionality, enhancements or improvements to a UT Health San Antonio website, platform or web app.


This service is for assistance with installing AxiUm and related software on a new computer.

Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT)

Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT)

Internal Communications

Request to support communications efforts geared toward faculty, staff, students and residents.


Leased Mass Storage (LMS) - New Contract

Leased mass storage (LMS) is data file storage for groups and/or individuals on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation configuration and access administration of file services.

LISTSERV or Distribution List

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list.


Request assistance for LISTSERV issues.

LISTSERV, Distribution List, and LISTSERV Issue Services

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list. Request assistance for LISTSERV issues.

LLSOM ProCard - Order

LLSOM ProCard - Reconcile

Long Distance Services

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides long distance services for UT Health SA. Long distance authorization codes are created for UT Health SA employees and are solely intended for use by the individual to whom the code was issued.


Marketing & Communications Campaigns

Requests to create a marketing plan to assess, recommend and promote a product launch, event, acquire new patients, recruit new students, etc.

Marketing Research & Analytics

Requests to execute performance assessment of marketing activities and campaigns through surveys, digital analytics and other types of response rates.

Media Relations

Request support to garner external publicity for print, online, broadcast and news’ organizations channels, for the university’s achievements in its strategic missions.

Mobile Device Management Enrollment

Service request for departmental owned mobile devices to be added to the UT Health Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Mobile Device Services

Request services related to Pagers, Mobile Phone Upgrades, and Mobile Internet Services (Hotspots)

MyCloud Cancel Service

Cancel one or more MyCloud paid services.

MyCloud Issues

If you can’t find a solution by searching the Knowledge Base for MyCloud, you can open a ticket to request help from the IMS Service Desk.

MyCloud New Service

MyCloud is the UT Health SA Private Cloud storage service for sharing sensitive documents with internal and external colleagues. It is similar to Dropbox but is sanctioned for use of sensitive data, unlike the Public Cloud.


Network Account Request

Create a UT Health SA network domain account, change a domain account, disable account for faculty, staff, student, vendor or guest.

Network Cable Install / Activation

Network cable installs / activation

Network Services (Basic and Advanced)

Basic network service includes static IP and DNS requests. All network connectivity for UT Heath SA is also provided.

Advanced network service includes Wireless Access Points (WAP) and services that require architectural network design/assistance.

Network Services (Break / Fix)

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides break / fix assistance for all network services.

New Website Planning and Consultation

Begin process to plan a new website.


Online Directory Corrections

Request a correction to the UT Health Online Directory.

Other Software

Support for, AStar, Sterile Track, EasyMarkit



Position Funding

Change the source of funds for a position. Create, Modify, Inactivate, Activate a Position or Position Data.


Submit business travel related reimbursement requests for faculty, staff, and students.

Power BI License Request

Request Power BI License.


Authorization to travel. Request assistance planning and arranging travel related logistics. For business related domestic and international travel.


Request purchases via a departmental card similar to a credit card. Purchases limited in scope via H.O.P Policy

Public Relations Strategic Planning

Provide guidance for creating and managing integrated public relations strategies and complementary communications plans.

Purchase (PO)

Procure contracts, supplies, goods and services through the purchase order process.



Support for data retrieval. Includes report creation, changes, troubleshooting, user access.

Request a Payment

Request payment of an invoice from a vendor. Request reimbursement for an employee. Formerly known as State and Local Voucher.

Request New Server or Move Server

IMS System Operations and Administration offers managed servers, hosted server environment, virtual servers, physical servers, and server software installation services.

Request or Change Access to Shared Campus Printers

Request or change access to the shared campus printers that are located throughout the hallways.

Researcher Access / Service/ Support on UT Health Shared Resources and Microsoft Azure Resources

UT Health SA research personnel, faculty and students with a faculty sponsor should use this ticket to request access, service or systems support for a Shared resource and Microsoft Azure resource.


IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides a digital fax solution, RightFax.

Risk Assessment Services (Third Party, Apps and Services for Research, and Office 365)

Risk assessment to ensure third-party compliance with University data protection policies. Risk assessment for Apps and Services for Research to ensure compliance with University data protection policies. Submit a service request for Information Security to assess the risk of an app, add-in, or connector for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint online.


Salary Cost Transfer

Salary Cost Transfer

Server Support and Administration

IMS System Operations and Administration offers managed servers, hosted server environment, virtual servers, physical servers, and server software installation services.

Shared Mailbox / Calendar

Request to create, delete, or modify a shared/resource mailbox.

SharePoint - Consult / Cancel

SharePoint is a tool that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues, store, organize and share information and to create and maintain web sites.

SharePoint - New Site

SharePoint is a tool that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues, store, organize and share information and to create and maintain web sites.

SSL Certificates

Request a new certificate or renew current SSL certificate for website encryption.


Telephone Issues (Break / Fix)

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides break / fix assistance for all related telephone services, including voicemail, telephones, conference calling services, and long distance service.

Telephone, Voicemail, and Conference Calling Unit Services

Includes installation of new phones, disconnects, moves, and changes for existing telephones services. Voice mail service via Cisco Unity is also provided. This service allows you to retrieve our voice messages and view missed calls through Cisco Jabber or your Cisco Telephone. Departments may purchase conference units with expandable microphones directly from IMS / Infrastructure Solutions. Each unit will have a unique telephone number assigned to the unit.

Telephony (PID/Dept ID)-Billing Changes

IMS / Business Office provides PID/DEPT ID changes for Telephony Services for UT Health SA.  Request to change the existing monthly reoccurring PID and/ or Dept ID for a telephone, mobile phone, long distance code, or pager.

Temperature Self-Screening Station

Test or Assess a UT Health Website or App

Test or assess a website or web app to find out how to make it more accessible or usable for its intended users.

Time Clock Incident

Time Clock Installation Request

Transfer of Expenditures (TOE)

Transfer of Expenditures (TOE)

Transfer of Funds (TOF)

Transfer of Funds (TOF)


AxiUm support for Mac or PC. Includes problems connecting to Axium, error messages, loss of functionality.


UT Health Computer Repair and Servicing

Request support for UT Health computers and peripherals / accessories

UT Health Email Changes, New Email Account Requests, and Shared Mailbox/Calendar Services

Request changes to an existing UT Health email account. This includes changing ownership, email forwarding, granting send as or send on behalf permissions, requesting access to an email account of a terminated or transferred employee. You also have the option to request the creation of a UT Health Email Account (

UT Health Email Issues

Use this option if you experience email incidents related to OWA, Outlook or mobile phone issues.


VDI Add, Cancel or Change

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) add, cancel, or change.

VDI Type 1

Virtual Desktop (VDI) services provide users with a full Windows desktop from anywhere on any device. Access is available via a client application or via a web-based portal. VDI Specs: 2 vCPU/4GB RAM/4GB Hard disk

VDI Type 2 Advanced

Virtual Desktop (VDI) services provide users with remote access from anywhere on any device to a full Windows desktop, which is hosted in the data center. 2 vCPU/6 GB RAM/20 GB Hard disk

VDI Type 2 Basic

Virtual Desktop (VDI) services provide users with a full Windows desktop from anywhere on any device. Access is available via a client application or via a web-based portal. 2 vCPU/4 GB RAM/10 GB Hard disk

Video Production

Request for in-studio and on-location video production.


Web Application Security Assessment

Request a security scan/assessment of a web application.


Request a WebEx account.

Website Hosting

Host a Website

Website Update / Maintenance

Request assistance with updating content or making a design/functionality change on an existing website.



Request a Zoom account.