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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add funds to your PaperCut account

Add funds to your PaperCut account to print to the Shared Campus Printers around campus.

How to install PaperCut using a MAC OS

Install PaperCut software with Printer drivers

How to print using PaperCut from Windows OS Desktop

Print from your desktop with this easy application.

PaperCut- How to retrieve your documents at the printer

See the attached PDF for a quick "How To" logon to a shared campus printer to retrieve a document you printed through web PaperCut Web Print or using the desktop software.

PaperCut Printers - Full Manual Download

View or Download the manual for the shared campus printers.

UT Health badge Authentication to PaperCut for the first-time

Logon using your UT Health SA ID badge.
Key in your username and password to associate your badge with your username.
Next time, you will only have to pass your badge over the sensor.