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  1. In an Internet Browser, go to
    1. Once there, select Install or update
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  1. You will automatically be taken to the Google Play store where you are taken to the Mobility Print application. Select Install.
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  1. Select Allow when the prompted to “Allow Mobility Print to send you notifications?”
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  1. In the application, be sure to check if all Mobility Print notifications are on by selecting Tap here  to turn on all Mobility Print notifications.
    1. In the new window, turn on the toggle for All Mobility Print notifications
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  1. In the application, check to see if the Mobility Print service is on by selecting Tap here and check the Mobility Print Service is on.
    1. In the new window, under Mobility Print, make sure it states On.
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  1. In order to print (you will have to be connected to HSCWave), select three dots on the bottom right of the page, and then select the share button
    1. In the pop up, select Print
    2. Select FindMe (Papercut) as the printer
    3. When asked Use Mobility Print?” select OKUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Log in to the app in order to print using your UTHSCSA username and password
  3. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)In order to check to see if there are enough funds in your account to print what you need to, go to and login with your UTHSCSA credentials.
    1. Under the Jobs Pending Release tab on the left, you can see your pending jobs and the cost of printing that job.
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  1. Under the Add Credit tab on the left, you can see your Current balance and Amount to add if you do not have enough funds for the job(s) you want printed.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)****NOTE: Current balance shows balance only for a user’s “personal” account, not PIDs that may be tied to the account. ****

  1. At the printer, access your account by either utilizing your badge or signing in manually using your UTHSCSA username and password.
  2. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Once you are logged into the printer:
    1. For faculty, choose what account you will be printing from (what account will be charged for the print job in question)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
      1. Select Access DeviceUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    2. Once you are in the correct account, select Print ReleaseUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
      1. Select the job you wanted printed
        1. On the bottom you can checkmark Print as grayscale if you want the job printed grayscaleUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
        2. You can also double click on the job to preview more print options.​​​​​​​Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Select Print once you have selected your preferred settings.


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