My Recently Visited Services

Begin process to plan a new website.

Request assistance with updating content or making a design/functionality change on an existing website.

Create a UT Health SA network domain account, change a domain account, disable account for faculty, staff, student, vendor or guest.

Request to add or modify group memberships to existing LMS Contracts, IMS managed departmental file servers and web servers.

Provide performance monitoring, backup & recovery and refreshment of an Oracle environment. Also provides support for application upgrades utilizing Oracle databases.

Personal conference calling services are now available upon request to host conference calls for business use only.

Systems Operations and Administration offers Offsite Data Storage, Server Data Backups, and a restore service for customers having a Server Management Agreement or Leased Mass Storage.

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides break / fix assistance for all network services.

Cancel one or more MyCloud paid services.

If you can’t find a solution by searching the Knowledge Base for MyCloud, you can open a ticket to request help from the IMS Service Desk.

Purchase of a University-owned mobile phone to be used as a shared phone within the department for official University business only.

The addition of internet Wi-Fi, broadband, or hot spots to a mobile device such as an iPad or tablet.

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list.

Request to create, delete, or modify a shared/resource mailbox.

Creation of a UT Health email account (

Use this option if you experience email incidents related to OWA, Outlook or mobile phone issues.

Network cable installs / activation

Request changes to an existing UT Health email account. This includes changing ownership, email forwarding, granting send as or send on behalf permissions, restoring mailboxes or requesting access to an email account of a terminated or transferred employee.

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides long distance services for UT Health SA. Long distance authorization codes are created for UT Health SA employees and are solely intended for use by the individual to whom the code was issued.

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides all voice services for UT Health SA. This includes installation of new phones, disconnects, moves, and changes for existing telephones services.

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides all network connections to UT Health SA campuses and/or associated facilities. Basic network service includes static IP and DNS requests.

Request support for UT Health computers and peripherals / accessories

MyCloud is the UT Health SA Private Cloud storage service for sharing sensitive documents with internal and external colleagues. It is similar to Dropbox but is sanctioned for use of sensitive data, unlike the Public Cloud.

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides all network connectivity for UT Heath SA. Advanced network service includes Wireless Access Points (WAP) and services that require architectural network design/assistance.

Submit a service request for Information Security to assess the risk of an app, add-in, or connector for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint online.