Requests for services provided by the police department patrol and technology services

Services (10)

Background Check

Request a background check students, student applicant​​s, resident students, visiting students, employees, prospective employees, temporary employees, visitors, vendors and contractors.

Bike Registration

Register your bicycle with the police department.

Media / Dignitary on campus

Provide the police department with information about a VIP or media event on campus.

Operation Identification

Request an engraver to mark your property.

Panic Alarm Requests

Request a panic alarm installation on your computer.

Patrol Monitoring

Request extra patrol-bys of your work area.

Safety Presentations

Request to host a safety training class to be presented by the police department at your location.

Safety Training Registration

Register for a scheduled safety training class hosted and presented by the police department.

Security Cameras

Request security cameras be installed within your department space.

Security Survey

Request a security survey to improve the overall security of your location.