Requests for services provided by the police department patrol and technology services

Services (11)

Background Check

Request a background check students, student applicant​​s, resident students, visiting students, employees, prospective employees, temporary employees, visitors, vendors and contractors.

Bike Registration

Register your bicycle with the police department.

Media / Dignitary on campus

Provide the police department with information about a VIP or media event on campus.

Operation Identification

Request an engraver to mark your property.

Panic Alarm Requests

Request a panic alarm installation on your computer.

Patrol Monitoring

Request extra patrol-bys of your work area.

Safety Presentations

Request to host a safety training class to be presented by the police department at your location.

Safety Training Registration

Register for a scheduled safety training class hosted and presented by the police department.

Security Cameras

Request security cameras be installed within your department space.

Security Survey

Request a security survey to improve the overall security of your location.

Security Video Review

Recorded security camera video footage is stored for only 30 days per records retention requirements, and then automatically deleted by the video management system.