My Recently Visited Services

The Project Request service is used to initiate a new IT service, process, and/or product.

Request payment of an invoice from a vendor. Request reimbursement for an employee. Formerly known as State and Local Voucher.

Intra-office relocation, move furniture and equipment between campuses

Request support for UT Health computers and peripherals / accessories

General, un-categorized work

Review and approve requests for the UT Health San Antonio logo and name usage and placement, to ensure brand protection and compliance.​

Virtual Desktop Advanced service provides users with remote access from anywhere on any device to a full customizable Windows desktop hosted in the data center. 2 vCPU / 6 GB RAM / 20 GB Profile Space / 20 Hard Disk for Applications

Request to add or modify group memberships to existing LMS Contracts, IMS managed departmental file servers and web servers.

Risk assessment to ensure third-party compliance with University data protection policies. Risk assessment for Apps and Services for Research to ensure compliance with University data protection policies. Submit a service request for Information Security to assess the risk of an app, add-in, or connector for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint online.

Leased mass storage (LMS) is data file storage for groups and/or individuals on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation configuration and access administration of file services.

Duo is the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution used to authenticate into the UT Health SA Virtual Private Network (VPN).

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides long distance services for UT Health SA. Long distance authorization codes are created for UT Health SA employees and are solely intended for use by the individual to whom the code was issued.

Create and design print and web marketing materials for a wide variety of audiences including faculty, staff, prospective/current students and external audiences.

Video production for marketing, communications, promotions and instruction.

Support for keyboard, mouse, monitor, document scanner, printer, signature pad, tablet and other peripherals.

Create a marketing plan to assess, recommend and promote products and services.

Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT)

IMS / Infrastructure Solutions provides break / fix assistance for all network services.

Basic network service includes static IP and DNS requests. All network connectivity for UT Heath SA is also provided.

Advanced network service includes Wireless Access Points (WAP) and services that require architectural network design/assistance.

IMS / Business Office provides PID/DEPT ID changes for Telephony Services for UT Health SA.  Request to change the existing monthly reoccurring PID and/ or Dept ID for a telephone, mobile phone, long distance code, or pager.

Request for LSOM Office for Faculty Process Services.

Systems Operations and Administration offers Offsite Data Storage, Server Data Backups, and a restore service for customers having a Server Management Agreement or Leased Mass Storage.