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The Project Request service is used to initiate a new IT service, process, and/or product.

Request a panic alarm installation on your computer.

Request a change to a card reader door unlock schedule or a door access schedule.

Request to host a safety training class to be presented by the police department at your location.

Request card access to a campus location.

Report a lost or stolen key.

Report a lost or stolen parking permit.

Request a background check students, student applicant​​s, resident students, visiting students, employees, prospective employees, temporary employees, visitors, vendors and contractors.

Register your bicycle with the police department.

Request a key to access a campus location.

You can sign up for a parking waitlist and purchase your parking permit online.

Provide the police department with information about a VIP or media event on campus.

Request police services in support of your special event.

Request extra patrol-bys of your work area.

Register for a scheduled safety training class hosted and presented by the police department.

Request an engraver to mark your property.

Request a security survey to improve the overall security of your location.

Schedule an in-person appointment at the UT Police Parking Services office.

For employee separations to retrieve issued items and remove account holds.

If you have lost your campus ID/Access badge you can deactivate your access.

You can pay your campus citation online using our convenient online service.

You can appeal your campus citation online using our convenient online service.

Request security cameras be installed within your department space.