My Recently Visited Services

The Project Request service is used to initiate a new IT service, process, and/or product.

IMS System Operations and Administration offers managed servers, hosted server environment, virtual servers, physical servers, and server software installation services.

Request payment of an invoice from a vendor. Request reimbursement for an employee. Formerly known as State and Local Voucher.

Includes installation of new phones, disconnects, moves, and changes for existing telephones services. Voice mail service via Cisco Unity is also provided. This service allows you to retrieve our voice messages and view missed calls through Cisco Jabber or your Cisco Telephone. Departments may purchase conference units with expandable microphones directly from IMS / Infrastructure Solutions. Each unit will have a unique telephone number assigned to the unit.

Request additional storage for UT Health exchange email account (250MB)

Request support for UT Health computers and peripherals / accessories

Test or assess a website or web app to find out how to make it more accessible or usable for its intended users.

Support for AxiUm accounts including passwords, access, add/change user profiles.

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device

Risk assessment to ensure third-party compliance with University data protection policies. Risk assessment for Apps and Services for Research to ensure compliance with University data protection policies. Submit a service request for Information Security to assess the risk of an app, add-in, or connector for Office, Office 365, and SharePoint online.

Request a new certificate or renew current SSL certificate for website encryption.

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list.

Procure contracts, supplies, goods and services through the purchase order process.

This service is for assistance with installing AxiUm and related software on a new computer.

Leased mass storage (LMS) is data file storage for groups and/or individuals on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation configuration and access administration of file services.

Request a correction to the UT Health Online Directory.

Begin process to plan a new website.

MyCloud is the UT Health SA Private Cloud storage service for sharing sensitive documents with internal and external colleagues. It is similar to Dropbox but is sanctioned for use of sensitive data, unlike the Public Cloud.

Request to add or modify group memberships to existing LMS Contracts, IMS managed departmental file servers and web servers.

Cancel one or more MyCloud paid services.

Request assistance for LISTSERV issues.

Service request for departmental owned mobile devices to be added to the UT Health Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.