Popular Services

Request card access to a campus location.

Request a key to access a campus location.

Request police services in support of your special event.

Request to connect with a specialist via your preferred method of communication (My Service Center/Phone Call/Teams/Email) for one-on-one assistance in completing travel forms, authorizations, etc.

You can sign up for a parking waitlist online.

Request a background check students, student applicant​​s, resident students, visiting students, employees, prospective employees, temporary employees, visitors, vendors and contractors.

The Project Request service is used to initiate a new IT service, process, and/or product.

Schedule an in-person appointment at the UT Police Parking Services office.

For employee separations to retrieve issued items and remove account holds.

Request a change to a card reader door unlock schedule or a door access schedule.

Request a panic alarm installation on your computer.

Request or change access to the shared campus printers that are located throughout the hallways.

Velos eResearch (https://www.uthscsa.edu/vpr/services/glossary#e... is the Clinical Trial (https://www.uthscsa.edu/vpr/services/glossary#C... Management System (CTMS) for the Institution (https://www.uthscsa.edu/vpr/services/glossary#I... which is used to document the study and patient activity for the Institution. Support includes
application issues (such as issues viewing data or issues with invoices)
study management (such as IRB Disconnects, new sponsor requests and non-system user requests, calendar load requests)
access management (such as e-signature requests, log in issues)
training and access support and questions
For assistance with a study's patient relationship, continue to email ctms-support@uthscsa.edu.