UT Health Learns: Reporter Admin - Print/Download Course Pending Completion Reports (In-Progress and Past Due)

1. Log into UT Health Learns.

2.On the Talent Suite Dashboard, select My Client Groups, and then UT Health Learns Reporting.

3. Select the Completion and Enrollment Dashboard.

4. Select the Pending Completion tab.

5. Using the Course Name drop-down menu, locate and select the course for which you need to pull information. When you select it, a check mark should appear to the left of the course name.

  • 5b: If needed, you can use User Person Type to narrow your search to include all user person types or select user person types such as:
    • Employees
    • Student
    • Resident
    • Affiliate
    • Adjunct Faculty, etc.

Select Apply to process your selections. It may take a moment for the LMS to process your request. 

6. The most common options requested are printing/download PDF Reports and exporting reports for Excel. Use the scroll bar to scroll down to locate the following options:

  • To print/download a PDF version, select Print, then Printable PDF. Your course Pending Completion Report will appear in a new tab. Print or download as needed, and then close this new tab.
  • To export a report for Excel, select Export, then Excel 2007+. It may take a moment for the LMS to process your request. A ​​​​pop-up window will appear notifying you that the export process is complete. Select OK to continue. On your browser, you should see a Pending Completion Report file available to open in an Excel format on your desktop to save, analyze, or share as needed.

11. You can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out.


For additional assistance, submit a service request.

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