UT Health Learns: Reporter Admin - Print/Download Learner Transcript

1. Log into UT Health Learns.

2.On the Talent Suite Dashboard, select My Client Groups, and then UT Health Learns Reporting.

3. Select the Completion and Enrollment Dashboard.

4. Select the Learner Transcript tab.

5. Enter the Learner's Badge Number, press the Tab button on your keyboard, and select Apply. It may take a moment for the LMS to process your request. 

6. Use the scroll bar to scroll down to locate the Print option. To print/download a PDF version, select Print, then Printable PDF. The UT Health Learns Transcript will be available for the Learner's Badge Number you entered will appear in a new tab. Print or download as needed, and then close this new tab.

7. When you return to the UT Health Learns Reporting page, you can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out.


For additional assistance, submit a service request.

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