UT Health Learns: Course Admins - Reconcile ILT/BLT Attendance and Scores for Course Offerings Class Activities

1. Log into UT Health Learns and navigate to the Talent Suite Dashboard.

2. Select the My Client Groups tab, and then select UT Health Learns.

3. On the Administrator Dashboard, select Learning Catalog.

4. Select the Courses tab.

5. Enter the name of the course you wish to enroll the Learner in the Course Title field.

6. In the Published Start Date, enter "01/01/1968."

7. Select Search.

8. Under the Search Results, locate your course and select the Course Title to access the Course page. 

9. Select Offerings.

10. Locate the Course Offering you wish to reconcile, and select the Offering Title to launch the Offering page.

11. On the left menu, select Learners.

12. In the Offering Learners page, change Assignment Status to "All," and select Search. This will allow you to view the records of all Learners in your course offering.

13. To change the activity of a Learner, select their record, and while it is highlighted, select Manage Activities.

14. In the Activities tab, enter the following on the row for Classroom Activity only:

  • Completion Date:
  • Completion Status and Reason for Completion Combinations:
  • Completion Status Reason for Completion
    Completed  Completed - offline and status verified
    Exempted Exempted - completed Elsewhere
    Exempted Exempted - high level certification attained
    Not Passed Blank
    Not Passed No Show - Leaner was not 
  • Score
  • Note: Do not complete the ILT/BLT Evaluation portion of the activities for the Learner. The Learner should have one week to complete the ILT
  • Select Save and Close.

15. Repeat this action for each of your Learners until you have reconciled the attendance and/scores for each of your Learners.

16. You can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out.


For additional assistance, submit a service request.

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