UT Health Learns: Course Admin - Assign a Required Course to a Learner

ATTENTION: Required learning should only be assigned to learners by the course owners of a specific course. For example, only the Environmental Health and Safety Office should assigned EHS-related course, and only the Transition Solutions Team should be assigning TS-related courses. If you are unsure of which courses you own, submit a service request to learn more.


1. Log into UT Health Learns and navigate to the Talent Suite Dashboard.

2. Select the My Client Groups tab, and then select UT Health Learns.

3. On the Administrator Dashboard, select Learning Catalog.

4. Select the Courses tab.

5. Enter the name of the course you wish to enroll the Learner in the Course Title field.

6. In the Published Start Date, enter "01/01/1968."

7. Select Search.

8. Under the Search Results, locate your course and select the Course Title to access the Course page. 

9. Select Offering on the left-hand side of the Course page. 

10. Select the appropriate Offering title.

11. In the Offering page, select Learners.

12. Under Learner Results, select Add Learners, and then Required Assignment.

13. In the Required Learning tab, enter the following:

  • Assign As: The office or department that owns the course.
  • With this note: Enter the reason this Learner is required to take this training.
  • Due Date: Provide the Learner 30 days (one month) to complete the course.
  • In the Learning Request Details section, leave all fields set to the default information that is populated (this section is only used for organizations that charge for training).
  • Select the Next button.

14. Under Select Learners tab:

  • Enter the name of the Learner you wish to add in the Add a Person field. As the names auto-populate, you can select the Learner's name from the drop-down. In a situation where multiple Learners have the same or similar name, it is very helpful to know the Person Number (Badge Number) of each Learner you are enrolling into the course.
  • DO NOT ENROLL a Learner if you are uncertain if you are selecting the correct Learner. It is best to contact the UT Health Learns Team via a service request ​​​​​.  
  • Once you have entered each of the Learners, select the Next button.

15. Under the Advanced Rule tab, select Submit. Once the Learner is enrolled into the course for the first time, the course will apply the default rules to the Learner.

  • If the course is an ad-hoc (one-time) course, then the Learner will only need to complete the course time.
  • If the course is a recurring course with a one-year, two-year, etc. interval, the Learner will be reassigned the course based on their completion date.

16. An Information window will appear stating that "The learning assignments are created and processed for all the selected users." Select OK.

17. You can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out.


For additional assistance, submit a service request.

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