UT Health Learns: Learners - Types of Courses (WBT, ILT, and BLT)

In UT Health Learns, there are generally three types of courses: 

  • WBT: Web-based training courses are self-paced an may include a mix of eLearning, video, PDF, and/or weblink. Each of these course are designed to be completely via the web. Completion requires the successful completion of all required learning activities within a course.
  • ILT: Instructor-led training courses are lead by an instructor and can be virtual classroom or in a live classroom. Completion requires attendance and/or successful passing of a classroom provided quiz. Completion is entered by the instructor.
  • BLT: Blended training combines elements of web-based and instructor-led trainings. Learners may be asked to complete web-based training prior to attending the instructor-led portion, or the learner may attend the instructor-led portion first and then be instructed to complete certain web-based portions during the classroom session.
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