IT Services

Accounts, Email and Calendar, Telephone and Mobile Services, Network Connectivity, Storage, Productivity tools, Web Services

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Accounts and Access (incl.

Request new or change access to UT Health accounts or hallway printers for various user types

Dental IT Support (COHCR)

Support for programs and systems used by the UT Health Dentistry

Email and Calendar

Includes email and calendar access services as well as listserv and distribution list support.

Printing and Copying

Printing services including business cards, special format printing, stationery, copier management service, and embroidery.

Purchase, Support, and Repair Computers

Quotes for purchase; Complete computer support for Windows and Apple computers by certified repair technicians


Includes all telephone services (desktop, conference, and mobile), mobile internet, Jabber, Rightfax, and other services for communicating information.

Network Services

Includes support for and installation of wired and wireless networks and Static IP address creation.

Backup and Storage

Includes server and information backup, restoring from a backup (disaster recovery), and storage services (department-managed, private cloud, Leased Mass Storage, or other).

Servers and Data

Includes data center hosting services and general server and database support and administration.

Project Management

Request a software/technology project, or a change to software/technology already in use

Business Support Services

Includes administrative and operational transaction and record-keeping systems.

Productivity and Collaboration

Includes support for video conferencing, Microsoft Office 365 Suite, File Shares, Survey / data gathering tools.

Web Hosting

Includes support for the design, build, and continual development and maintenance of websites as well as website hosting and testing.

Web & Digital Services

Includes support for the design, build, continual development, maintenance and testing of web and digital platforms, associated tools, and website hosting. Social media platform support, consultation and guidance.​

Information Security

Risk assessments; secure computers, mobile devices, and web applications; SSL & Digital certificates