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Support for AxiUm accounts including passwords, access, add/change user profiles.

Request additional storage for UT Health exchange email account (250MB)

Risk assessment for Apps and Services for Research to ensure compliance with University data protection policies.
Please be sure to fill out all fields and mark N/A for sections that do not apply.

Systems Operations and Administration offers Offsite Data Storage, Server Data Backups, and a restore service for customers having a Server Management Agreement or Leased Mass Storage.

Request quotes for Dell computers.

Digital certificates allow the user to substitute a handwritten signature. Digitally signing PDF files is the preferred format for distribution of certain documents at UT Health San Antonio.

Features: Displays, Banners, Signs, and Posters - We can design or use your art for whatever it is that you need. If you can imagine it we can most likely do it. Here are just some of the services we provide: foam core and board mounting, laminating, indoor and outdoor banners, retractable and free standing banners, signage, table runners, posters and poster tubes. It can all be found at this one stop service. For more information and pricing call 210-567-2315 or email to request Display Services. Our Display Team has produced award winning cutting edge designs for our customers.

Duo is the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution used to authenticate into the UT Health SA Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Enable Jabber for Computer and/or Mobile Device

Request for Shibboleth, ADFS, or LDAP single sign-on (SSO) integration for a new application. There is a $250 one-time set-up fee.

Request to add or modify group memberships to existing LMS Contracts, IMS managed departmental file servers and web servers.

Support for x-rays. Includes MiPACS, Dolphin, InVivo, Sensors, Scan-X, Pano, CBT.

Leased mass storage (LMS) is data file storage for groups and/or individuals on a server that is managed and maintained by IMS and includes workstation configuration and access administration of file services.

Request creation of a LISTSERV list or Exchange distribution list or changes to an existing list.

Request assistance for LISTSERV issues.