Adding\Removing Delegates in Outlook

Adding\Removing Delegates in Outlook



  • A VIP need to have their asistent send emails on their behalf


  • Outlook365
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2013





1) In outlook select the File tab (top left side)


2) Select Account Settings and then select Delegate Access


3) If there are individuals in the list Select name and then Select permission.  If blank there are no Delegates

4) Uncheck Delegate receives Copies of meeting


5) This should be what a Delegate profile looks like when all you need for the individual is to be able to Send on Behalf of your mailbox. 












The Delegate permission is actually where\how you give someone permission to Send Emails on Behalf of for you.



You Don’t Grant Permission to your email mailbox through this tool (Delegates), there is Another\Better way to grant permission to the folders in your outlook.

Look for the Knowledge base article for:  How to Set Permissions if you are the Owner of a Shared Mailbox



How to grant permission to a your mailbox







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