Exchange Online Email - Owners cannot make changes to Distribution Lists after being migrated to Exchange Online

A user receives an error when trying to manage a distribution list they own after being migrated to Exchange Online.  The error message typically is as follows:

After being migrated to Exchange Online, distribution lists can no longer be directly managed by their owners.  This is because the distribution list still resides in UTHSCSA's on-premises Exchange servers and, for security reasons, there is no ability to manage that from Exchange Online. 

Instead, the owner should submit a request to IMS for any distribution list changes they need.

Once all users have been migrated to Exchange Online (late 2019), distribution lists will then be migrated.  Once that is done, owners will then be able to directly manage them again.

UPDATE 1/7/20: We have begun the process to migrate distribution lists to Exchange Online.  It will take approximately two months to migrate them all.  However, we will pre-emptively migrate a list on request

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

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