Exchange Online Email - POP/IMAP Settings

User needs to reconfigure their POP or IMAP email program after being migrated to Exchange Online.


The server settings in the email program will need to be changed to connect to Exchange Online.  Because of the variety of email programs, it is not possible to provide specific steps.  Instead, you will need to locate these settings for your specific email program.  Then change them to the settings listed below.

Previously, we supported unencrypted POP/IMAP connections, but Exchange Online does not.  Therefore, if your email program does not support secure POP or IMAP connections, you will not be able to use it to connect to your mailbox on Exchange Online.  In this case, you will need to contact your TSR or the IMS Service Desk for further assistance.  Fortunately, this should be a pretty rare situation as nearly all modern email programs support secure connections.  If you're unsure if your email program will work, try reconfiguring it using the steps below first.



  1. Locate the server settings in your email program.  Check the program's Help or search online if you do not know where to find these settings.
  2. If you don't already know, determine if you are using POP or IMAP to connect by checking the device settings.  If there is a port setting shown, the port for POP will be either 110 or 995.  If you're using IMAP, the port will be either 143 or 993.  Note that if the port is either 110 or 143, this means you have been using an unencrypted connection (see the note above.)
  3. Change the server settings as follows:
Port 995 993 587
Encryption method TLS TLS TLS
(incoming and outgoing)

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If you need further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 210-567-7777.


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