Exchange Online Email - OWA and Browser Login

User needs to log into OWA after being migrated to Exchange Online.


User will need to log into the new URL web address for OWA on Office 365.



1.     If you log into after your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365/Exchange Online, you should receive the following screen:

Click on the link to go to Office 365/Exchange Online.  Alternatively (and hereafter), you can go directly to the new OWA for Office 365/Exchange Online at

If you instead receive a page that reads “Something went wrong”, just go directly to


2.     If you are already logged into Office 365 (e.g. via the UT Health SA portal), go to step 5.

If you are not already logged into Office 365, you will be prompted to log in.

If you have logged into Office 365 on this computer before, you should get a screen like this prompting you to pick an account:


If so, click on your e-mail address.  If your address is not listed, click on “Use another account”.

If you haven’t logged into Office 365 on this computer before, you will receive this screen:


Enter your UTHSCSA username in this format:


Click “Next”.


3.     You should then be prompted for your password; enter it and click “Sign in”.


4.     If you have entered everything correctly and you are not on the UTHSCSA campus network, you should be prompted for your two-factor/DUO authentication:


Select your preferred authentication method and complete the two-factor authentication as required.


5.     You will then be logged into the new OWA for Office 365/Exchange Online.  The first time you log in, you may receive this screen; select your language and time zone and click “Save”.


6.     Thereafter, your Inbox will open:


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