Exchange Online Email - Android Outlook app


User needs to set up Outlook app on Android device after being migrated to Exchange Online.



User will need to remove existing UTHSCSA Exchange account and re-create it to use new settings for Office 365.



Delete existing account

1.    If you already have your UTHSCSA Exchange mailbox configured, you will have to delete it.  To do so, follow the steps below.  If you do not already have your mailbox configured, then skip to “Add new account” below.

2.    Click on the menu button:

3.    Click the settings (cog wheel) button located on the lower left corner:

4.    Click on your Exchange account (it may be named differently than shown here):

5.    Click “Delete Account”:


Add new account

1.    Click “Get Started”:

2.    Type your e-mail address and click “Continue”:




3.    Enter your password and click “Sign in”:

4.    Click “Skip” located on the lower right corner to skip adding another account:

5.    Either click the arrow located on the lower right corner to read through the hints or click “Skip” located on the lower left corner:

6.    Your Inbox should open.  It may take a few minutes to download your messages.


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If you need further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 210-567-7777.



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