Qualtrics-Survey Tool for Faculty, Staff and Students


  • What is Qualtrics?
    • A surveys tool to create, maintain and analyze data from surveys.  Qualtrics is the main Health Science Survey tool.
  • What is the URL for Qualtrics?
  • When I try to login to Qualtrics, I receive an error message of Invalid username or password, why?
    • Question to user:  have you ever successfully logged into Qualtrics before?
      • If Yes:  Check user’s username/password
      • If No:  user needs to request an account by emailing BSS-ACT@uthscsa.edu
  • How can I get an account on Qualtrics?
    • All UTHSCSA Faculty, Staff, and Students can have access to use Qualtrics. Request an account by emailing BSS-ACT@uthscsa.edu
  • Why is an account in Qualtrics not automatically created for me when I join the university?
    • Not everyone needs a Qualtrics account, so they are created by request only
  • How long does it take to get a Qualtrics account after I send the email request?
    • Your account should be created within a couple of hours or the next business day
  • How do I know when my account is created?
    • You will receive an email letting you know your account has been created
  • How do I login to Qualtrics (after I have an account)?
  • The limit on the number of active surveys is too low for me. Who do I contact to request more access?
  • The limit on the number of emails I can send per week is too low for me. Who do I contact to request more access?
  • I supervised a student or employee that left the Health Science Center. How can I get access to the survey/survey data they were working on?
    • Email BSS-ACT@uthscsa.edu with the name and surveys of the person who left, and who will be the new owner (only one owner allowed per survey)
  • I need training assistance, what tip sheet is available?
  • I want to look up Qualtrics design issues.  What website can I use?
  • I need more Qualtrics training
    • If you need more help, you can email (support@qualtrics.com)  or call (1-800-340-9194) Qualtrics support
  • I need Qualtrics support for my issue
    • If you need more help, you can email (support@qualtrics.com)  or call (1-800-340-9194) Qualtrics support
    • 24x7 online support is available using the Help & Feedback link within Qualtrics (top right of page)
  • I would like to have a feature in my survey that is not currently activated, and Qualtrics says to contact the administrator.
    • If a feature is not activated, there is typically a yearly cost involved.  If your department wants to pay for the activation/yearly maintenance, contact BSS-ACT@uthscsa.edu.
  • The survey I created says that it is not ADA compliant.  Can I send it anyway?
    • No, surveys have to be ADA compliant to be sent.  The system will not allow you to send a survey that is not in compliance
  • What tip sheets are available, and where can I get them?
    • Email BSS-ACT@uthscsa.edu
    • Tip sheets currently available:
      • How to distribute surveys in Qualtrics
      • How to view Results of a survey
      • Qualtrics -- deleting responses
      • Qualtrics - export data collected from a survey
      • Qualtrics Adding a contact list
      • Qualtrics Exporting a Survey
      • Qualtrics How to Share a Survey


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