Not Receiving emails from Outside Our Domain



  • Not Receiving Emails from Outside our domain
  • You send an email from inside UTHSCSA and receive an bounce back email stating the user mailbox is not excepting email.
  • or The user states emails from outside UTHSCSA are not being delivered to their mailbox.


  • Email, all outlook products  
  • Email not showing in my outlook\OWA


  • There are two areas to look at to confirm email is being routed correctly to a mailbox.
  • The first one we'll look at is our Mail Routing in IDM and the second is Active Directory


1) IDM is our new LDAP. go to:

Login using your IDM user name and password.


2) Select Search

3)  New Search

4) Look up the userID name

5) Check the Email and Mail Routing in IDM. 


The red boxes starting at the top and how we would use them and why they are important:

  • Display Name:  Some people want to change to their nick name: Mike instead of Michael, you would change the name here.
  • DOB: Help confirm who they are and use this in Temporary passwords
  • Affiliation: S - Student, E - Employee, N - Non Employee (POI), G - Guest, R - Resident, A - Administration, T- Terminated
  • Email: Every valid person Student, Employee or POI will have a
  • Mail Route: If this is blank outside emails will not be routed to their mailbox
  • LiveMail Address: If this is blank outside emails will not be routed to their mailbox
  • HR Date: The date the last time the name shows in the Feed to HCM, the last time they were employed  
  • Student Date: The date the last time the name shows in the Feed to HCM, the last time they were students
  • FERPA opt-out (Email):  Students are able to opt-out of being in the Global Address List (GAL)
  • Remark: this section holds the history of the account starting with [DomainExchLiveMail-YNN] Yes to Domain Account, No to Exchange account, No to Livemail account.  Also, name changes, Dates of significant happening, change departments and so on.


6)  Confirm spelling is correct in IDM and Active Directory (AD) are the same.  Select Edit user in IDM and fix the Email and Mail Routing areas if needed.


The next area is in Active Directory,  

Another place to check is in AD under the Member Of Tab.

If the user left our employment and came back to work with us, sometimes the DisabledMailboxes group is not removed in AD

1) Open Active Directory Users and Computers


2) Search for the User Profile


3) Select the Members Of tab


3) Remove DisableMailboxes if there.


4) select OK



  • When someone leaves UTHSA the mailbox is disabled and decommissioned. Part of this process is to place the disabled mailbox group in the AD profile. 
  • If the person is re-hired and the group setting has not been removed when the account is re-activated the same issue of not receiving email will be present.



  • Removing the Disabled Mailbox setting could take up to four hours to populate through our environment, depending on when the last synchronization takes place. The sync setting takes place every four hours.









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