Changing your name, title, phone number, or office location in the directory


  • User needs to change their name, phone number, and/or office location listed in the online directory and Global Address Book.


  • The phone numbers and office location shown for employees in the directories and most applications comes in a daily feed from the PeopleSoft HR system (HCM).  For changes to these, you must have them updated in PeopleSoft.  This can be done by your department's administrator.  Phone numbers can also be changed via the employee self-service function in the portal.  Once changed in PeopleSoft, the updated information will make its way to all connected systems including the directories (see last bullet point below.)
  • Department, title, and organization (i.e. manager/direct reports) data for employees also come in the daily feed from PeopleSoft HCM and are based on your official appointment(s).  If you have multiple appointments, the primary appointment prevails.  If you are a student or resident and an employee, your employee data will prevail.  For assistance with these, please contact your department administrator, HR Partner, or email Human Resources at  Once changed in PeopleSoft, the updated information will make its way to all connected systems including the directories (see last bullet point below.)
  • Your display name ("Last, First") is maintained in two different places depending on the system.  The display name in the online web directory comes from the PeopleSoft HR system; contact your department's administrator to change it.  However, your display name in the Outlook Global Address Book, other Office 365 applications, and Jabber is maintained by IMS.  It is initially constructed based on your name from the HR or registrar systems.  If you are known by a different name than your legal name as recorded in those systems (e.g. nicknames or professional names) and would like to have that listed in the Global Address Book, Office 365, and Jabber, please submit an IMS service request (use the Network Account Request form at the link below.)  IMS reserves the right to reject any display name requests that are deemed inappropriate.  If you change your name (e.g. marriage or divorce) and request a username change (next bullet), IMS will change your display name to match your new legal name unless you request otherwise.  Note that while we can change the display name, changes or corrections to the discrete first name and last name fields must be done through PeopleSoft and will have to reflect your legal name.  For example, while we can change your display name to "Smith, Bob", applications that show separate first and last name fields will still display "Robert" for the first name.
  • Changes to your username and email address can be made if your legal name changes (e.g. marriage or divorce), or if there was a misspelling or other error in the name initially used to create your accounts.  Because changing your username and email address is disruptive, and because some people prefer to keep their maiden or married name after a marriage or divorce, IMS will not automatically change your display name, username, and email address if your name changes.  To change those, please submit an IMS service request for this (use the Network Account Request form link below.)  You will first need to update your name with HR and/or the registrar (as appropriate) if you have not already done so as we will not change your username until we show the updated last name in our feed from PeopleSoft.  Usernames are limited to 12 characters (this is a limitation of some systems), so usernames that exceed that will be truncated.
  • Changes generally take 2-3 days to fully propagate to all affected systemsPlease allow sufficient time for this synchronization to occur before reporting any discrepancies.  If after three days a requested change has not appeared in the Global Address Book, Office 365, or Jabber, please submit a request to IMS to investigate.  Username changes may also take a day or two to be completed in all systems; this may prevent you from logging into some systems while the changes are pending.  HR advises that changes made in HCM may take up to seven days to be reflected in the online web directory.

Requests for name changes should be submitted here:


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