Connecting to Global Protect VPN


Connecting to Global Protect VPN


1.  In the Task Bar Click on Global Protect icon or Right-Click on the GP icon on the far right and click Connect



2.  Under Setting Tab Sign in using your UTHSCSA credentials then click Apply












3.  Duo 2 Factor Authentication Pop-up







Select your preferred method of authentication:

  • Push Notification- Enter "1" and OK to send push notification on your mobile device. Tap on the request and Approve.
  •  Phone call:  Enter "2" and OK to receive a phone call on registered phone number. Answer the call Press any key during call to Approve
  • SMS Text:  Enter "3" and OK to receive a SMS Text.  Enter the code from text in Duo Pop Up and click OK.

*** Note Second pop-up box looks the same as initial pop-up ***

PasscodeOpen Duo Mobile App on your device and tap the key icon.  Type the code and click OK

Hardware TokenRetrieve code, enter the code and click OK

4.  Global Protect VPN now connected


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