Perceptive Content client install - adding a Connection Profile

Application Install

Install the new client from Software Center.

Figure 1  Find Software Center in a search from the Windows Start button.

If you do not find Perceptive Content in the list of applications, please submit a Service Request and your machine will be added to the list of allowed installations.

Once installed, the client splash screen displays as follows indicating the new version.  The message about “not compatible” will be resolved with the following steps.

Figure 2  Version 22.2 client splash screen.

New Connection Profile

After the installation is complete, modify the existing Production Connection profile.

Figure 3  Select the Edit connection profiles option.

Figure 4  Modify the profile.

Fill in the new server name, T5700DI1-AP02WP, in the Server ID box.  Revising the server name should be the only change needed.

Figure 5  Fill in the new server name.

Finally, make sure the Domain Authentication check box is selected.

Figure 6  Ensure Use domain authentication is selected.

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