Add Subnav to Basic Page

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Place pages in menu system

First, any page that should appear as a link in a subnav, should be added to the menu system.

Add subnav to page

Then to add the subnav to a basic page, click on Edit tab, and configure under Subnav setup on right side.

Use the settings below. The Fixed Parent Item will be the same for all pages in your subnav. (Unless you have a subheader in your subnav.)

Subnav Setup, Subnav: Main navigation, Display title checked, Initial visibility level: 1, Number of levels to display: unlimited, Expand all menu links: checked

Advanced options: Fixed parent item: example Department of Comprehensive Dentistry, Used as title: Block title, Link the title: unchecked, Make the initial visibility level follow the active menu item; unchecked, Initiial visibility level will be: children of active menu item, html and style options: theme hook suggestion; menu_ subnav


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