Firefox Web browser Internal website error issue

After updating the Firefox browser from versions 1.01 or older to the latest versions 2.01 causes connectivity issues with internal uthscsa websites. It is prompting them to connect to VPN to view the page while the user is on campus connected directly to the network and or successfully connected to Global Protect. Turning off the DNS over HTTPS has resolved this issue. If you are getting the connect to VPN page on other browsers as well there may be other issues.


Click on options menu(Top right of application), Select "Options"

It will open an options page, scroll down to the bottom to find Network settings, Select "Settings"


At the bottom on the connections Settings page, you will find the option for "enable DNS over HTTPS" 

Uncheck that option and press ok. 

You may have to clear cache and close out of Firefox for it to update that option. Reload the internal website


Article ID: 91868
Wed 7/15/20 9:37 AM
Thu 5/25/23 2:24 PM