Access a Virtual Desktop (VDI) or Published Application using a browser

This article assumes the audience has recently requested a Virtual Desktop or Horizon Windows Remote Applications and received confirmation the request is complete. If you want to request a virtual desktop, click here.

Open a browser (an appropriate HTML 5 web browser, Google Chrome is preferred) and go to

Select VMware Horizon HTML Access

Picture of Window to select HTML Access

Enter your UT Health SA username and password in the fields provided.

Use your preferred method of Duo Authentication.

Picture of Duo Input Screen


If you are unfamiliar with the various options for Duo 2 Factor Authentication, you can find information on the Information Security Website.

Enter your username and password again.

Picture of second logon window

Once logged in you will see your Horizon desktops and/or published applications available to launch. Select VDI for a full Windows virtual desktop or application icon. Let's begin by launching Firefox. 




Note: If you need to access your workstation on campus, use the Remote Desktop published app icon.           

Picture of Remote Desktop






Firefox should load and now you can use the Firefox app to access the university's internal Web sites.

To access other published app, click the sidebar tab to open up the HTML access UI.

Here you can see the sidebar and the running apps (Firefox at the moment). You can launch another app from this sidebar and switch between your running Horizon resources (published apps), all in your browser tab.

Once you're done, you can select the sidebar one last time and logout of your running apps.

The rest of these instructions are for PC over IP.

Click OK at the UT Health SA authorization notice.

Picture of the UT Health Logon Notice

Choose your preferred Browser.

Picture of the VDI desktop

Microsoft Office products and a link to OneDrive are loaded on the virtual desktop.

                                                                Picture of the Microsoft Office folder on the desktop                                                            Picture of OneDrive icon     

To access your network file share, click the windows start menu.

At this next window, key in the path to your network file share.

Start menu

The command line will appear when you start typing.

Start menu


If you are using the VDI non-persistent desktop, make sure to save all your files to your network file share or OneDrive. Non-persistent desktops do not keep your data.

When you are ready to disconnect from your VDI session, Right Click the Start Window.

right click start window

Select Shut down or sign out, then select Sign out.

Log off menu

Signing out ensures there are enough desktops for people who need them.

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