Advanced Data Center Access, Equipment and System Specifications Standards

2. Policies

2.1 Access to the ADC

In order to ensure the systems housed within the ADC are kept secure, the following policies apply to all personnel requiring access:

2.1.1 All personnel who access the ADC must have proper authorization. Individuals without proper authorization will be considered a visitor. 

2.2.2 General Access/Key Request Form must be completed and emailed to to request access to the ADC

2.2.3 Authorizations will be verified on a quarterly basis

2.2.4 All personnel must wear a valid University or vendor identification badge at all times

2.2.5 All personnel must sign in when entering the ADC to document the time and purpose of their visit. They also must sign out when leaving.

2.2 Equipment in the ADC

In an effort to maximize security and minimize disruptions, the following policies apply to all equipment housed in the ADC. 

2.2.1 A form must be completed for all equipment installations, removal, and changes. 

2.2.2 DC operators will deny entry to authorized staff or vendors who intend to install, remove, or rename equipment without accurate equipment form. 

2.2.3 Equipment housed within the ADC must meet certain system specifications.

2.3 Systems Specification Standards

The purpose of the systems specification standards is to describe the minimum requirements for designing, installing, securing, monitoring, maintaining the systems to help users purchase equipment that meets their business needs, takes full advantage of the advanced data center facility and accounts for the facility maintenance schedule. 

2.3.1 System with rack-mountable in the standard data center rack (24"W x 48"D x 42U)

2.3.2 Systems with redundant power supplies must have their power cords plugged into separate power distribution units (PDU). 

2.3.3 Power supply 208 volt for redundant power connectivity

2.3.4 System with one power supply must purchase a Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

2.3.5 Power cords must be factory specified

2.3.6 Power cords support C13 and C19 outlets

2.3.7 Power cords must be clearly labeled with the system name. The power cord plugs into the PDU B must have a blue electrical tape on the power cord

2.3.8 Dual Network Interface Cards (NICs) specifically for redundant network connectivity are strongly recommended

2.3.9 NICs support a minimum of 1 Gbps is required, 10, 25, and 40 Gbps connectivity are supported.

2.3.10 Remote Management using Ethernet-capable remote server management port is recommended. For example, Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC), HP Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM, Cisco CIMC

2.3.11 Maintain current hardware support maintenance

2.3.12 No rack mounted uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) will be allowed. The ADC provides backup power.

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