VDI - Install Horizon Client on Windows for access to virtual desktops

This article assumes the audience is a current customer of VDI and needs the newer Horizon Client or has recently requested a Virtual Desktop and received confirmation the request is complete. If you want to request a virtual desktop, click here.

Open a browser and go to https://mydesktop.uthscsa.edu

Select Install VMware Horizon Client.

Select Go to Downloads.


Select Download.

The file should automatically download into your Downloads folder.

Run the file VMware-Horizon-Client-***.exe by selecting the Up Arrow and selecting Run                                                                                                               


Alternatively, you can navigate to your Downloads folder and double click the file VMware-Horizon-Client-****.exe (**** represents the version number)

If you see a logon screen similar to the one below, contact the IMS Service Desk (210-567-7777) to assist with the install.

Use the Next buttons to install the software.

The Connection Server Name will be https://mydesktop.uthscsa.edu.

Once the software is installed, double click the VMware Horizon Client to launch the program.

Select mydesktop.uthscsa.edu.

Logon using your UT Health SA credentials.


Click on the Cloud Icon.

Click OK.

The first time you logon, the system takes a minute or more to load up your desktop.



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