How to connect to HSCWave on an Android Device


How To Connect to HSCWave on an Android Device


1.  From the Settings icon on your device select Wireless & Networks



2.  Select Wi-Fi Settings and make sure the Wi-Fi box is checked.


3.  Select HSCWave from the available networks.


4.  EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2

Certificate: Validate Cert. Domain:
Identity: UT Health Username
Anonymous Identity: Leave Blank
Wireless Password: UT Health Domain password

Click Connect


5.  HSCWave should now be connected.


Important: If your Android device appears to be disconnected from the network or you are unable to establish a persistent connection on HSCWave WiFi, it is likely that your computer or mobile device has not registered to the Computer Registration Portal. To establish a connection on HSCWave, you must first register your device. 

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