Remote Desktop from a Mac to PC

Issue:  Remote Desktop Connection from Mac to PC
How to Connect to your UTHSCSA Windows PC Using a Mac with Microsoft Remote Desktop     

*** Please ensure you have your the full computer name and/or IP address of the computer you wish to connect to *** 

*** If you are remoting-in off campus, you'll need to establish a VPN Connection first.  See connecting with Global Protect article for these steps. ***

Creating a new Connection in MS Remote Desktop
1.  Click New

2.  Configure settings  
Connection Name:  Enter description of connection (ex. Work Computer)
PC Name:  Your computer name, Full computer name (ex., or IP address)
Gateway: No gateway required
            User name: Your UTHSCSA username (Ex. SmithR)
            Password:  Your UTHSCSA domain password

**All other fields remain defaulted**

Save by clicking red dot on top left-handed corner, closing window


3 Under My Desktops Select the computer you wish to connect to and click start.

4.  Click Continue to Verify Certificate

5.  Now connected, you should see the following:
Click OK to proceed.

6.  Enter your UTHSCSA username and password and hit the <Enter> or click on arrow pointing to the left.
 *** Verify you are on the correct domain ***

7.  Now you should be successfully connected!

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