Connecting to a server in MacOS

You can access a  UTHSCSA server on the Mac if you are connected to the UTHSCSA domain. This means that you must be connected to the UTHSCSA network on campus or, you must connect to the VPN using the Global protect software.

  • **Note** You must know the server path before attempting to connect 



  • User is attempting to access a shared network drive on a UTHSCSA server


1). Confirm that you are connected to the UTHSCSA network or VPN. Then, from the desktop on your Mac, click "Go" at the top of the screen. 

2). Click "Connect to Server" 

3). You will see a window that allows you to enter the Server Address. Here is where you must know the server path or IP address for the server you are connecting to. Enter the correct information and click connect.

  • For example, I am attempting to access the "cfs2" server. I would enter either cfs2 in the Server Address bar or I can enter the IP address for the server as shown in the images below. 

4). You will then see a window that will prompt you to enter your name and password for the server you are connecting to. First, verify that you select the registered user tab. Then, in the name tab, enter your UTHSCSA username. The password will be your UTHSCSA domain password.

  • It would be best not to select "Remember this password in my keychain". If you change your password in the future, it will not automatically update here. 

5). The next screen will prompt you to select the folder where the network drive is located at. For example, In the photo below I have selected "LINKS".

6). After you open the "LINKS" folder, you will see all of the department subfolders within it. 


7). Select the folder that corresponds with you department. Again, you must have been granted access to this folder from a service request in order to open it.  

  • Once you have located your department folder and opened it, you will be able to navigate through the folder and locate the information you are looking for. 


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