How to Log into an Azure CycleCloud Cluster

Step 1: Download and Install Putty

One of the initial steps to access an Azure HPC cluster resource is to get and install Putty. Putty has a program called PuTTYgen that lets you create the security keys that are required for logging in.

Note - If you already have a program that you like to use for making your keys, then feel free to use that.  You can download Putty here  After downloading and installing,

  1. open PuTTYgen.


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Step 2: Create Security Keys

  1. On the application screen, adjust the “Number of bits in a generated key” to 4096 and press the “Generate” button as shown below.

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  1. You need to move the mouse around the application window for a while before the keys are created. The application will show you the keys that it created, and you will save them in a place on your system that you can find. The public key is for putting into applications that need a public key, such as Azure.
  2. Now, you need to press the “Save public key” and the “Save private key” buttons. You’ll have to name both keys. See the screenshots below.
    1. Public key: Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    2. Private Key: Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. After you finish this, you’ll need to copy the PUBLIC ssh key from the page that shows the generated key. You will use this key for your Azure account when you sign in.

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Step 3: Access Azure

  1. Now you can use any browser you prefer and go to:
  2. Use your domain username (uthscsa\username) and the password that an admin gave you to log in. After you log in, you should see your home page. There, look at the top right corner and click on your name. Choose “My Profile”.

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Step 4: Edit Profile

  1. Select the “Edit Profile” button.

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  1. On the Edit Profile screen, paste your public key into the “SSH Public Key” text box and click the save button.

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  1. Select the “Change Password” button. Do what the instructions say and enter a new password and press save.
  2. You can now choose the “Back to clusters” arrow option.


Step 5: Cluster Connection Information

You need to know the remote host address of your Azure CycleCloud cluster before you can connect to it. To find out this address, do these steps:

  1. While logged in to the CycleCloud website:
  2. On the left sidebar, click on Clusters and select the cluster you want to connect to.
  3. On the cluster details page, click on the Nodes tab and select the scheduler
    1. On the View Details tab below, click on Connect
      1.  copy the hostname or IP of the master node. This is your remote host address.
    2. This remote host address is what you need for PuTTY or your preferred SSH Client. Put the remote host address in the Host Name field.


Step 6: Connect to Azure Cluster

MobaXterm is the tool that I will use for this section of the instructions. It can be downloaded here:

  1. Using your preferred SSH program, make a new session. Type in your connection address for the distant host. Locate and access the Advanced SSH settings.


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  1. In the advanced SSH settings, be sure to enable the “Use private key” option.


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  1. Then click the search icon to point the connection/session to the private key you created in earlier steps.
  2. Select your private key then click the open button.


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  1. Once that’s in place, you only need to give your connection a name then click ok/save.


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  1. After you save your session, double click on your connection and login with your username.

Your Azure Cyclecloud HPC should be accessible to you if you have followed these steps.


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Happy researching 

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