Azure Virtual Desktop connection instructions

Before you can use this process, you will first need to have signed up for access to an Azure Virtual Desktop. 

 Download and install Remote Desktop client 

**NOTE** - the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Microsoft Store is not recommended as support for AVD will be removed in the future for that app. Please only use the Remote Desktop links provide in this KB. For more information visit

Subscribe to your Azure Virtual Desktop  

Subscribe to Azure Virtual desktop on Windows device

Subscribe to Azure Virtual desktop on macOS device

  1. Launch Remote Desktop (not to be confused with Remote Desktop Connection) 

  1. Use the Start menu and search for Remote Deskto

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  1. If not prompted for user account, Select subscribe from the main page and sign in with your Microsoft 365 UT Health account.  You can access the Subscribe option by selecting the “. . . “ menu on the upper right of the Remote Desktop window . 

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  1. Once connection has been made a new icon will appear within the Remote Desktop client as shown below.  Double click to launch. 

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  1. Open Remote Desktop Client   

  1. Select Add Workspace on the main page to connect to the service and retrieve your resources.  

  1. Select Add.  

  1. Sign in with your user account when prompted.  



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