Isora – Adding People to Organizational Units

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Isora is broken down to Organizational Units, which represent DeptIDs. Each Organizational Unit will have select members of the department in as Assessment Managers or IT Staff. Each will also have at least one Organization Unit Head. The Assessment Managers from the departments are tasked with completing the categorization of assets and unit questions. The Organization Unit Head is responsible for final acknowledgement of the assessment. 

IT Partners are assigned Assessment Manager so they can work with departments to complete the assessments. They can add other Assessment Managers and IT Staff but only a SuperUser can assign someone as Organization Unit Head.


Issue 1 – A person needs to be added to an Organizational Unit to complete the assessment.

Issue 2 – A leader in a department needs to be added as Organizational Unit Head.


Follow these steps to add someone as Assessment Manager or Organizational Unit Head.

Logon to 

1. Select Settings

2. Select Organizational Units

Steps 1 and 2

3. Put the Organizational Unit in the Search field and press Enter

4. Select the Pencil icon to Edit

Steps 3 and 4

5. Select Permissions

Step 5

6. Select the Plus Sign

7. Add the name of the person needing access and select it.

8. Assessment Manager is default – If all you need to do is add them as an Assessment Manager, you can select Save.

Steps 6, 7, and 8

9. Use the Drop-Down Arrow to give the person Organization Unit Head and select Save.

Step 9




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