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Advanced Data Center – Halon Disable Process

May 2022

Follow these procedures to disable the Halon in the Advanced Data Center (ADC).  Only authorized IMS personnel who have access to the ADC can request to disable the halon in the ADC after approval from the Director of Enterprise Systems & Operations or Sr. Manager, Information Systems Operations.

  1. Submit an Internal System Request through the ticketing system to disable Halon.  Enter the ticket in the following location: FM Work Order
    1. The service request should specify the date, length of time halon should be disabled, and projected date and time to return to service. 
    2. The request should be submitted at least three days prior to the date required.
    3. After the ticket has been created, notify Norma to approve the request. Then it can be sent to FM to process a work order.  After FM has assigned a Work order number, you can (Fill out an Impairment Permit form.) At FM, you can call Karyn Rivara for help in processing the TD ticket and work order.
  2. Transfer the Service Request to Operations
  3. Operations Team
    1. Request approval from the Director of Enterprise Systems & Operations or Sr. Manager, Information Systems Operations through the TD SR.
    2. Once approved, go to the Environmental Health and Safety Office, old UTPD, 122J.
    3. Fill out an Impairment Permit form.
    4. After the form is filled out and signed by EHS, operations will keep the yellow copy and post it at ADC.  EHS will keep the top white copy.
    5. Operations will take the pink copy to the control room so they can schedule an electrician to be at the site to disable the system.  Ops can send an e-mail to David West and Kirk Diggs to prepare someone for ADC to disable the Halon.
    6. When the Halon is returned to service, both yellow and pink forms are returned to EHS.

Sample Form:


  • System Impairment check– Clean Agent
  • Project Manager or Individual
  • Telephone Number
  • Date
  • Date Impaired
  • Time Impaired
  • Authorization Signature - Operator
  • Projected Date and Time of Return to service.


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