How to create your domain account on a device from an off-campus location

Sign into the Temporary local account with the provided credentials.

From that account connect to Global Protect using your UTHSCSA credentials and DUO two-factor.
Once connected to the VPN follow the below instructions to create your UTHSCSA profile.

1. Hold the “Shift” key while right-clicking on a web browser application such as Firefox or Chrome.
Select “Run as different user”.

2. Sign in with your UTHSCSA credentials in the security box that pops up.

3. Leave that application open and go down to the Start Menu and select “Switch User”.

4. Once you are back on the main log-in screen sign in with your UTHSCSA credentials.
5. Your profile will be built, and you now have access to your UTHSCSA domain account on the computer.



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