Installing and enrolling in Intune with Company Portal on a Mac device

Step 1.

Go to the Company Portal Install .pkg file will download.

Open the installer and click continue

Step 2.

Agree to the license agreement and hit continue.

Step 3.

Enter your device password or registered fingerprint to install the software.

Step 4.

Once completed the wizard will show installation successful. Select Close.

Step 5.

Open the company portal app. You can do this by going to finder, then selecting applications and open Company Portal

Step 6.

Sign into the Company Port with your UTHSCSA account

Step 7.

When the app opens, Select Begin.

Step 8.

Review the privacy information and select continue.

Step 9.

One the install management profile screen, select download profile.

Once the download starts your device system preferences Profile will open.

Select install, then install once more. You will be prompted to enter your device password after selecting install the second time.


Step 10.

Once Profile is installed, it will appear in the profiles list under Management Profile.

Step 11. Return to the company Portal

Step 12. The last part of setup will run to check device settings. 

Step 13.

When Setup is complete, Select done.


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