UT Health Learns: Managers - Viewing Over Due, In Progress, and Completed Assignments for Direct Reports

1. Log into UT Health Learns and navigate to the Talent Suite Dashboard.

2. Select the My Team tab, and then under Apps select UT Health Learns.

3. You can find your direct reports by entering their name in the search field or by selecting the Reports tab to view Direct reports or All reports. 

4. Under the Enrollments tab, you can select Current, Past, or All enrollments. 

5. Under the Due Date tab, you can select to view courses due within the Next 30 days, Next 12 months, Last 30 Days, Last 12 Months, or All Time. 

6. Under the Enrolled on Date tab, you can view courses your direct reports enrolled in within the Last 30 Days, Last 3 months, Last 12 months, Year to date or All time. 

7. Under the Completed Date tab, you can view the courses your direct reports completed within the Last 30 days, Last 3 months, Last 12 months, Year to date or All time. 

8. Select the employee’s name to view their enrollments and learning activity details as shown below. 

9. You can select your Profile Photo in the upper right and Sign Out.


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