Meeting Recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Solves Key Teams adoption blockers and introduce desired features for existing customers
  • Teams meeting recordings are being used more for the WFH/remote learning and essential workers
  • Will only impact new Team meeting recordings
  • Generally available in Q4 of 2020

New Value

  • Retention policies for TMR (S+C ES auto retention labels OneDrive SharePoint information governance Permissions and sharing)
    • recordings sharable to guest/eternal users (explicit share only)
    • Request access flow
  • OneDrive SharePoint sharing links
  • Increase quota
  • Meeting recording available faster
  • Go local tenant support
  • Multi-geo support recordings stored in region specific to that user
  • Bring your own key (BYOK) support


  • Blocking download of videos
  • Transcripts
  • Non-English language versions
  • Search of transcripts and transcript content
  • Stability
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Tue 5/25/21 11:28 AM
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