UT Health Learns: Course Admins - Request Course Admin Access

1. To request Course Admin access, submit a service request with the following information:

  • Requestor
  • Department Name
  • Summary of Request: Enter "Course Admin Access Requested"
  • Additional Comments/Details: Enter the operational/business reasons the Course Admin access is needed. Your request should include:
    • Name(s), Badge Number(s), and Supervisor's Name(s) for individuals needing Course Admin Access
    • The name(s) of the WBT, ILT, or BLT courses that these individuals will be assisting with.
    • The operational/business reason why these individual(s) needs Course Admin access.

Course Admins can perform some of the following actions:

  • Assign WBT, ILT, and/or BLT Courses to a Learner
  • Create new ILT/BLT Course Offerings
  • Reconcile Attendance and/or Scores for ILT/BLT Course Offerings


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